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Funding and Qualifications

Qualification and Investment Information

Recommended Business Experience
Midas is seeking business operators to lead with confidence and vision.
Ours is a challenging, hands-on environment that requires a passion for bringing people and processes together.
Ambitious, goal-oriented individuals with strong personal and leadership skills tend to be a perfect fit as operators in the Midas family.
If you’re a self-guided leader who thrives on setting and realizing goals, motivating others to excel and building relationships in your community, let us help you get started now.

New Shop Investment Requirements
New Midas franchise costs will vary by shop size and location. Midas franchise advisors will assist you by trying to find an opportunity that fits your needs. 

Existing Midas Shops for Sale
The purchase price for an existing Midas shop is negotiated between buyer and seller. Prices vary greatly based on the number of services bays, equipment, location, local market variables and business valuation. Before making your deal for Midas ownership, you'll have the advantage of reviewing operational and financial performance, talking with the owner and familiarizing yourself with the customer base.

Converting your existing auto repair shop to a Midas leverages investments you’ve already made in your facilities and equipment. Contact us for details in your area.
Financing Your Midas Investment
Whether you're building, buying, or converting to Midas, we can refer you to lenders interested in working with franchise candidates. Some may require 20% to 30% liquidity to qualify. Midas does not receive fees for placement of loans. 

  • SBA Franchise Registry Program
    In the United States, Midas participates in the SBA (Small Business Administration) Franchise Registry Program -- which can shorten the time it takes you to qualify for an SBA loan.
  • Vet Fran Program
    Midas supports Vet Fran, the International Franchise Association’s Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative.  Vet Fran participants offer financial incentives to U.S. Armed Forces veterans to help them acquire a franchise.  Midas participates by offering qualified veterans a discount on the franchise fee. Please contact us for details.

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