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Franchisee Testimonials

Chris Oldford, Watertown, Massachusetts
“Going above and beyond for our customers is what it’s all about. Midas is in the car care business but we’re essentially in the people business and at the end of the day it all comes back to great customer service.”

“Weighed a couple of other options but I felt comfortable with Midas system. Midas had better support systems in place than the other franchises I was considering and I got a better feeling from speaking with their people. I considered opening an independent shop but felt that the brand recognition from Midas would be better than starting from scratch.”

Peter Ferdinand, South Burlington, Vermont
“We have well trained technicians who understand the electronics, suspension and brake systems of vehicles inside and out. I’m always looking for new training programs and purchasing new state of the art equipment to make our technicians’ job easier and more accurate.”

“What I like about Midas is they are continually doing market research and surveying our customers to make our shops and services better.”

Gary Bauserman, Harrisonburg, Virginia
“Owning a Midas franchise is better than being an independent – Midas has a great support system and they have great training for you and your staff. If you have a problem you’re not alone and you also get better deals on your pricing and parts than if you were independent.

“Midas’ customer service is what sets us apart - the Midas warranty, our friendly staff at the counter and our technicians that take every customer to their vehicle and explain the service to them—our customers know that we’re not selling them anything they don’t need.”

Ron Genuario, Colorado
“Ours is a national brand that customers trust. We have had good success building non-traditional products – oil, general maintenance, fleet and tires. And because we’ve built a reputation for complete care repair, word-of-mouth is bringing customers back for more than just traditional repairs."

“I find the Midas corporate team easy to work with. They’re helpful, polite, knowledgeable, keep an open mind, are willing to listen to any issues I have and take action when they need to. The Midas CEO, Alan Feldman, is an excellent leader who has personally selected and developed outstanding people for his team. They have a strong business plan and they are staying the course with that plan.”


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