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How 2 Non-Mechanics Became Part of the Leadership Team of 36 Midas Franchise Shops

Midas franchise veterans Alan Mahrt and Russ Gibson discuss their three decades with the brand.

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Midas Franchise Review — Twin Cities Midas Franchise Honors Three Generations

Adam Stranik talks about the longevity of the family franchise in this Midas franchise review.

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Midas Franchise Review — Veteran Owner Says Brand Recognition, Customer Service Sets Midas Apart From Competitors

In this Midas franchise review, Jerry Creamer chronicles more than two decades as a Midas franchisee.

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Midas Franchise Owner Goes From 2 Shops to 50 in 4 Years. Here’s How.

Judd Shader became a Midas franchise owner in 2009 and has rapidly built a nationwide presence because he sees tremendous growth potential.

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Third-generation Midas Franchise Owner Explains Why He’s Expanding As Quickly As He Can

Third-generation Midas franchise owner Jeff Genuario, who has partnered with another franchisee to expand to 50 locations, explains why he’s excited about the brand.

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How Midas Franchise Owner Increased Sales 20% Two Years in a Row

Denver Midas franchise owner Dan Turner discusses the brand and the keys to his success since buying the auto repair franchise.

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