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Are Auto Repair Franchises Complicated?

You don’t need to be a mechanic to run a successful Midas auto repair franchise

Who makes a successful Midas auto repair franchise owner? First and foremost, you need to be a “driver.” We need business owners who can drive their businesses forward and maximize the opportunities at hand. Secondly, you need to run a high-trust, customer-friendly business. Think about it. Customers don’t usually know what is wrong with their cars, so they don’t know which repairs are necessary. They are taking a leap of faith. Trust is paramount, and if you reward their trust, they will reward you with loyalty and dollars. Third, you can come from any background — you don’t need to be a mechanic or car person.

Maintenance-1Many of our most successful franchisees don’t have an automotive background — but they are trustworthy and skilled businessmen and businesswomen. Successful franchisees include IT executives, bartenders, customer service managers from other retail concepts, hoteliers, medical school students, insurers, and yes, car guys, too.

For instance, Judd Shader was fresh out of college when he bought his first Midas shops in Denver. He was looking for a stable business with huge, sustainable demand, and the automotive sector appealed to him because he knew that excellent customer service could help his businesses stand out.

“What attracted me to Midas was the opportunity to bring excellent customer service to an industry where good customer service isn’t always given,” he says.

Midas has great systems and a strong brand, and he knew that if he was willing to work hard, train his employees to follow The Midas Way, and keep a close eye on cash flow and profitability, he could build an extremely strong business.

Judd, who is not a mechanic, soon partnered with Jeff Genuario, a third-generation Midas owner in Denver, to expand throughout the United States. Jeff first ventured into sales and marketing for high-tech companies and pharmaceuticals, but he eventually returned to the family business.

“We focus on really simple things to make sure our customers are served right,” Jeff says. “We are very training-focused and goal-oriented, and that has helped us boost performance. Our motto is: ‘Every customer, every time.’ If you follow Midas’ systems and do the right things for your customers, results will follow.”

The most successful franchisees stay focused on satisfying existing customers while growing their customer base through smart local marketing that makes the most of the strong Midas brand.