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How Advertising and Marketing Drive Business to Franchisees

National advertising, warranties help keep the biggest auto repair brand strong

The Midas brand has been attracting customers for nearly 60 years, thanks to a combination of expertise, great service, lifetime warranties, and savvy marketing. Midas has helped to build its brand by advertising on popular radio shows, on television, and more recently through social media. Advertising, coupled with our growth to more than 1,000 locations nationwide, has made us a household name.

Midas is a legacy brand — one that everyone knows, and one that millions of Americans have used. We are part of the American car culture. People know our slogan, “Trust the Midas Touch,” and come to us for total car care — everything from engine and transmission repair to oil changes, suspension, tires, brakes, and exhaust systems.

At the same time, people who never visited a Midas or who haven’t visited a Midas in a few years might not realize how much we’ve grown. We repair a lot more than mufflers and brakes these days, and we have launched aggressive national advertising campaigns to make sure new customers know about everything we offer.

DSC_8209Midas is here to stay with room to grow.

We have launched national advertising campaigns to put the Midas name in the spotlight and bring in new generations of customers. Together, Midas franchisees spend millions each year to put the Midas name in front of customers, and you inherit the results of that advertising push the day you become a franchisee. At the same time, we have developed high quality branding that features strong messages and a consistent look and feel that carries across our TV advertising, mailers and fliers, in-store displays, website, and social media. By tying everything together into an integrated strategy, we have been able to amplify the power of our marketing.

Local marketing

In addition to our national advertising and marketing efforts, we provide all franchisees with marketing templates for local efforts. Franchisees in many markets also have formed advertising co-ops to develop local ad strategies and drive traffic. Through the Midas system, those co-ops keep the branding consistent and powerful.


Midas also uses in-store marketing to let customers know about additional services we have available. Our point-of-sale system tracks your customers’ information and the needs of their vehicles, which allows you to send targeted marketing mailers and coupons to prospects and customers who might need automotive work soon. Is a customer due for a tune-up in three months? The system makes it easy for you to send a coupon or a reminder ahead of time, so that they don’t have any reason to shop elsewhere for service.