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How Auto Repair Has Changed

Americans are keeping their cars longer and racking up miles. Here’s what that means for Midas.

One of the reasons Midas started as a muffler shop is that mufflers, and exhaust systems in general, used to fail on a regular basis. Moisture and salt would combine to rust metal mufflers. Misfiring engine cylinders would allow gasoline to seep into the exhaust system, and the “backfire” would cause the muffler to explode at the welding seams – causing tears and holes.

Midas initially built its reputation by providing drivers a quick, convenient place to have their mufflers replaced, and then selling them a rust-resistant muffler that was engineered to be stronger and more resistant to a blowout. Our reputation for excellence was further enhanced by a nationwide warranty that covered the muffler “for as long as you own your car.” No other company was providing that.

Thanks to improvements in auto manufacturing, “as long as you own your car” is now a lot longer than it used to be.

A few decades ago, driving a car with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer was a gamble. You knew something was going to go wrong — you just didn’t know when.

Now, a car with 100,000 miles is normal. Drivers depend on cars lasting much longer. Cars have become more expensive, and Americans know they can stretch their dollars further by properly maintaining what they have. As drivers elect to make repairs and keep existing cars on the road, they need trusted mechanics. The Midas brand means you have the opportunity to impress customers with highly trained mechanics, quality products, and customer service that can’t be beat, turning them into loyal, regular visitors.


American cars are now 11.3 years old on average, according to the Automobile Aftermarket Industry Association, and nearly 250 million are on the road. Those two facts are a big reason why auto repair is expected to become a nearly $40-billion-a-year industry by 2016. Newer cars also increasingly rely on electronics to control key vehicle systems, and do-it-yourselfers are having a hard time making their own repairs. They need sophisticated, professional mechanics they can trust.

figure4Maintenance moves to the forefront

Midas still repairs exhaust systems, and we can also fix engines, transmissions, shocks and struts, and everything else in a car. But, unlike in the past when we would fix a problem, today our focus is on helping customers maintain their vehicles so they last as long as possible.

People take better care of their cars because they understand that with the right upkeep, their cars can stay in great shape for a very long time.

Customers come to Midas because we help them stay on top of routine maintenance like oil changes, fluid exchanges, and tire rotation and balancing. While they’re here, we also perform a courtesy check to ensure every vehicle is safe and in good condition.

With that kind of service, Midas helps customers keep their cars in great running condition.