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What do Midas franchisees say about the brand?

Jeff Genuario, COO of Denver-based The Leeds West Groups, which owns Midas locations in several markets nationwide
“They have Franchise Business Managers and Shop Operations Managers that help us grow our business. We have the ability to work with store managers to help make sure the customer experience meets what we expect and what Midas expects. When we go into new markets, they send in regional resources to help us get them open and up to speed. They are an invaluable part of how we go to market. Now, they aren’t going to run the whole thing for the franchisee, but they are a great resource.”

Ian Katz, third-generation Midas owner. His grandfather Cal was one of the original Midas franchisees in 1956.
“If aftermarket automotive repair is your interest or passion, Midas is as good or better than anything out there. You have 60 years of experience and 60 years of brand recognition. There are a lot of locations, and customers know what Midas is and what Midas does. We also work well together. Everyone understands we are in it together.”

Russ Gibson of the ASE Group, which owns 36 Midas shops, describing the relationship with the franchisor, Midas International Corp.
“There have been numerous times when (VP of Marketing) Bob Crostarosa has picked up the phone and said: ‘I’m thinking about this. What are your thoughts?’ I’ll get a call from (COO) Mike Gould. I just got an email from someone who handles our template forms for estimates. That kind of communication goes back to franchisee-franchisor relationship. It provides real value when you have a franchise partner who is working with you, and that kind of communication has increased tenfold with TBC.”

Dan Turner, 53, who bought his first Midas store in Denver, CO, in 2012
“I’ve been in automotive all my life. I spent 26 years helping build (a competing automotive brand) then helped to manage 13 Midas stores when they were corporate-owned. Buying one has been the best move I’ve ever made. I should have bought stores years ago.”