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Midas Training and Support

Midas training and operational support is a model for the entire franchise industry

Sunil Trehan says the exceptional training and support Midas offers are some of the biggest reasons he chose the brand when he decided to start a business.

The former IT executive calls the initial classroom training “a very good experience.” Once you sign a franchise agreement, you will be asked to spend at least five days observing operations at an existing Midas shop. We will then work with you to develop a business plan, as well as a competitive analysis of your market. Next, you will be invited to TBC Corporation headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, for two weeks of classroom training. The training provides an in-depth look at business operations, marketing, the Midas point-of-sale system, inventory management, shop operations, and customer service.

Once you open your Midas, much more support kicks in.

We have developed a field support team of more than 40 people who work with Midas owners to find ways to improve their operations — boosting customer satisfaction and profits. Each franchisee will work with and have regular access to a Franchise Business Manager and a Shop Operations Manager.

The Franchise Business Managers work with Midas owners to develop business plans, set goals, track progress toward goals, grow revenue and increase profitability. They are like personal trainers for your business, working to help you keep your business strong.

The Shop Operations Managers provide training to help your sales team and mechanics provide thorough, friendly customer service. They help you boost your customer satisfaction so that you get more repeat business and great word-of-mouth referrals.

Simply put, you receive training and support to help you excel as a Midas owner, positioning you for greater expansion. In addition, your team receives training and support to increase their skills and earning potential, which boosts labor retention and makes your business more scalable.

We offer an enormous library of business information and mechanic-level training through TBC University, which you have access to through our intranet. More than 300 courses are available to help sharpen the skills of the mechanics in your shop. Midas technicians are the best, and TBC University helps them maintain their edge and keep current with changes in the automotive industry. Want to know how to solve a problem with an electric car? TBC University has instructions to help.

Whether it’s business training, customer service training, or mechanical know-how, we help you stay ahead of the curve.