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Who Are Our Customers?

Here’s why customers choose the Midas auto repair franchise

Midas is one of the best known brands in the world and is known for complete car care, which makes us a magnet for drivers who are looking for a great mechanic.

Once a vehicle’s warranty ends, most drivers stop going to the dealership for maintenance. They want options that are more convenient and have better prices. At the same time, they expect a high level of expertise.

A typical Midas customer comes to us when their car is three years old and freshly out of warranty. Their vehicle is still like new, and they want to keep it that way. They want expert mechanics, and they also want excellent customer service.

Ian Katz believes in setting the right expectations the moment a customer walks in the door. Ian is the third generation in his family to own Midas shops: His grandfather started the first Midas in Akron, OH, in 1956, and the family soon started expanding into other cities. They now have more than 110 Midas shops throughout the United States.

“A big part of our success has been making Midas a nicer place for customers,” Ian says. “We are experts and professionals, and it’s important for that to be reflected when a customer walks inside. We like it to be like a doctor’s office: clean and uncluttered waiting rooms with flat-screen TVs, free coffee and WiFi, and comfortable seating.”

Another feature of Midas shops: large windows that look into the car maintenance bay. Midas pioneered the use of windows between the lobby and the shop, which allows customers to see everything that is happening to their cars.


Whether a customer brings a car in for an oil change, for brakes, or for something more serious, Midas technicians always perform a courtesy check on the vehicle. The free inspection helps customers stay on top of fluid levels and condition, the state of engine belts, air filters, hoses, lights, wipers, and other items that are important for safe driving and vehicle durability.

By offering consistent courtesy checks, Midas technicians build trust with the customer. If all systems are in great shape, we let customers know. And if something looks like it will need service soon, we inform customers so they can budget accordingly the next time they come into the shop. When we catch something that should be fixed immediately, that trust pays big dividends. Nobody wants to learn that they need a $300 repair — but a $300 repair now can save a customer from a $4,000 repair later. By building relationships with our customers through courtesy checks, we earn their trust so that they are willing to pay for repairs that are needed. By taking the time to inform our customers and earn their trust, we save them money in the long run.

Courtesy checks improve customer satisfaction scores, increase what the average customer spends, help the average customer avoid expensive repairs later on, and educate customers about the wide variety of repair and maintenance services Midas shops offer.

We are Total Car Care experts. We can handle everything a dealer can handle, for nearly every vehicle on the road.

We’ve earned our customers’ trust because Midas shops are convenient, value-priced shops with teams of automotive experts. Our franchise system has been around for nearly six decades and is backed by global company TBC.

Former IT executive Sunil Trehan, who owns three Midas shops in the Chicago area, went undercover at different auto repair franchises before deciding to invest in Midas.

“I noticed the customer experience was better at Midas, and I really wanted to go with the best,” he says. “Midas had more attention to detail and better processes. They explain what’s wrong and build trust with the customer.”